Cape Epic 2019

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The race of the races, the dream of every biker, 7 stages in the most famous competition in the MTB world.

700 kms, 14.000 meters of climbing, 1500 bikers from all over the world to walk through trails, tracks, vineyards, national parks, mythical mountains, schools and numerous villages wrapped in an exceptional environment.

The race that every biker dreams of doing at least once in their lives, "the MTB Tour of France" as they are called by all those who have already done it.

It is a test of maximum level, of a very high physical requirement, of high technical level and means the maximum expression of what MTB is. With a goal shared with more than a thousand bikers, with a single goal that is to fulfill a dream.



This race does not score since we still can not manage the registrations, but you can hire our services!

The race of the races, the dream of every biker, 7 stages in the most famous race in the world in MTB.

The climbing is 14000 meters in this race



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Other services

Mechanical service 380 €

1º. The day before the first stage, we assemble and review the bicycle. We leave it ready for the start of the race.

2º. Attendance at the beginning of each stage where pressures are watched and details are finalized.

3º. Assistance at the end of each stage where the bicycle is washed, greased, adjusted and repaired, finding it the perfect day to face the challenge.

4th 25% discount on spare parts. Requires completing a form with the technical characteristics of the bicycle to ensure the necessary stock of all components or compatible components

Service subject to a minimum participation.


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Massage service 380 €

This service begins the day before the first stage and ends at the end of the last one. It consists of a recovery and regenerative massage post-stage of 45 minutes and a warm-up massage prior to the stage. Includes all the extras such as cold or heat creams, Kinessiotape, bandages, warm-up massage in the morning. Everything that the therapist considers necessary to ensure good performance and that our runners finish the race in the best conditions.

Service subject to a minimum participation.

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Mechanical and massage service 700 €

It includes the mechanical service and the massage service.

Service subject to a minimum participation.

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Double room to share with a partner, entry March 15 and departure on March 17 and after the race entry on March 24 departure on March 25 price per person.


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Participants transfers 180 €

Includes all the transports in the race since you arrive to CAPE TOWN. Airport-hotel, hotel-prologue, prologue-camp 1; At the end of the last stage, transfer to CAPE TOWN and from the hotel to the airport on the day of your return trip.

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Bikes transport 110 €

The transport of bicycles includes: Collect of the bikes at the airport and transfer to MASQUEBICI hotel, transfer to the prologue (if necessary) and transfer to camp 1, at the end of the competition after cleaning the bike, it will be taken from the last camp to the hotel MASQUEBICI of CAPE TOWN. The day after we'll do the transfer from the hotel to the airport.

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Extra night 85 €

Extra night in the Hotel Cape Town price double room per person.

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VIP TENTS 1200 €

Alternative to the Motor-home for the Cape Epic


There’s a very limited offer of motorhomes for the Cape Epic, and at a very high price.


This has led us to find an alternative with more comfort.


Our tents includes:


A tent of 3 meters X 3 meters and 2.10 meters high for each couple. The capacity is for 4 people but we will use for two.

Two beds of 190 * 63, you must bring a sleeping bag, two safari chairs and one table per tent.

Own light in each store with plugs for your gps, phones, etc.

Access to the same "supporter village" bathrooms that are better and with less tail than those of the normal camp.

Luggage transport.

Common rest areas next to the masseurs and mechanics.


The price for this service is € 1200 per couple, less than half that cost a motor-home.


In each camp you will find the prepared shops and the luggages inside the tent.


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All services are subject to possible changes due to race circumstances.

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