Catalunya Bike Race 2019

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A Catalan competition that until now was made of 3 stages, but from 2019 will consist in 4 stages due to the change of regulations of UCI.

Made by the world MTB legend Jose Herminda, he designs the tracks, as it’s his place of residence and training: la CERDANYA.

Almost 200 kms of trails, roads, tracks, and ports that lead the biker to squeeze the most of his strength and technique in each of the stages.

A great competition, in a privileged area for the MTB.


Score from 795 points in this race

4 stages

The climbing is 5031 meters in this race



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Other services

Mechanical service 125 €

1st. The day before the first stage we check the bike and leave it ready to start the race.
2nd. Assistance at the beginning of each stage, when pressures are checked and details are finalized.
3rd. Assistance at the end of each stage when the bike is washed, greased, adjusted and repaired, ready to face the challenge.
4th. 25% discount on spare parts. It requires filling up a form with the technical characteristics of the bike to guarantee the stock of all the spare parts or compatible spare parts.

Service subject to a minimum participation.

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Massage service 130 €

This service begins a day before the first stage and ends at the end of the last one.

How we will take care of yourself: We will give you a warm-up massage prior to the stage, with heat or oil cream to face the stage in the best conditions. At the end of the stage you will receive a 40-45 minutes recovery and regeneration massage  in order to accelerate your and be able to rest and ready to face the next the stage. Includes all the extras such as cold and heat creams, Kinessiotape, bandages, warm-up massage in the morning. Everything that the therapist considers necessary to ensure a good performance and that our runners finish the race in the best conditions. 

Service subject to a minimum participation.

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All services are subject to possible changes due to race circumstances.

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