Garmin Titan Desert 2020

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The great adventure of the desert, a challenge for all those who dream of conquering the sands of the desert.

600 riders, more than 600 kms and 7500 meters of climbing TITAN from the Atlas Mountains to the dunes of Merzouga, in a hard but magical race.

6 stages where the sand, the stones, the dunes, the dry rivers and the extreme landscape will be traveling partners, ending each day in a camp where fellowship, solidarity, friendship and camaraderie are the main characteristics.

TITAN goes far beyond being a simple race, everyone who makes it is touched by the desert.

Conquer the desert!!


Score from 861 points in this race

6 Stages

The climbing is 2862 meters in this race



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Other services

Mechanical Service 380 €

1st. The day before the first stage we check the bike and leave it ready to start the race.

2nd. Assistance at the beginning of each stage, when pressures are checked and details are finalized.

3rd. Assistance at the end of each stage when the bike is washed, greased, adjusted and repaired, ready to face the challenge.

4th. 25% discount on spare parts. It requires filling up a form with the technical characteristics of the bike to guarantee the stock of all the spare parts or compatible spare parts.

Service subject to a minimum participation.


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Massage Service 380 €

This service starts the day before the first stage and ends at the end of the last one.

Warm-up massage in the morning with warm cream or oil to start the stage as best as possible.

A recovery and regenerative massage post stage of 40 – 45 min. Includes all the extras such as cold or heat creams, Kinessiotape, bandages. Everything that the therapist considers necessary to ensure a good performance and that our runners finish the race in the best conditions.

Service subject to a minimum participation.


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Includes mechanical and massage service.


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All services are subject to possible changes due to race circumstances.

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