Transandes Challenge 2019

Transandes Challenge 2019

Exclusive Mountain Bike race that will take place in the heart of the wonderful Chilean Patagonia

What is this race about?

5-stage race in the area of ​​Patagonia, where the Huilo Huilo national park plays a very important role. Around 60 - 70 km per stage and more than 2000 climbing meters. With a high technical trail ascending and descending. The organization proposal for the accommodation are tents but to us it seems more comfortable to sleep in cabins so we propose an improved package.


Score from 1211 points in this race

5 stages.

The climbing is 9180 meters in this race



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Other services

Mechanical service 350 €

1º. The day before the first stage we reviewed the bike and left it ready for the start of the race.

2º. Attendance at the beginning of each stage where pressures are watched and details are finalized.

3º. Assistance at the end of each stage where the bicycle is washed, greased, adjusted and repaired, finding it the perfect day to face the challenge.

4th 25% discount on spare parts. It requires completing a form with the technical characteristics of the bicycle to guarantee the necessary stock of all the components or compatible components.

Service subject to a minimum participation.

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Massage service 350 €

This service begins the day before the first stage and ends at the end of the last one. It consists of a recovery and regenerative massage post-stage of 45 minutes and a warm-up massage prior to the stage. Includes all the extras such as cold or heat creams, Kinessiotape, bandages, warm-up massage in the morning. Everything that the therapist considers necessary to ensure good performance and that our runners finish the race in the best conditions.

Service subject to a minimum participation.

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Mechanical & Massage Service 650 €

Includes mechanical and massage service.

Service subject to a minimum participation.

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Accommodation 285 €

Accommodation in shared cabins.

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Meal plan 100 €

Breakfast, lunch and dinner at our cabins from January 15 to January 21.

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Accomodation and meal plan 385 €

Accommodation in shared cabins, breakfast, lunch and dinner from January 15 to January 21.

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Registration 530 €

Only registration

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Pack TAC 2019 1620 €
  • Registration
  • Massage Service
  • Mechanical Service
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Transport
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Transport 150 €

From Temuco airport to Huilo Huilo on January 15 and from Pucón to Temuco airport on January 21.

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All services are subject to possible changes due to race circumstances.

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