Pack 1 Race Start

Pack 1 Race Start

Pack that we offer at the start of the race.

  • Transparent adhesive placed on the frame and handlebar to protect the bike from possible falls and friction. SLAPPER TAPE
  • We make sure that the race begins with the proper tubeless fluid to avoid punctures. SEAL SQUIRT
  • Puncture repair kit for tubeless hidden in the handlebar. Repairs the holes that the sealant can not fix. Ideal for marathon races, multistage adventures or any weekend outing. SAHMURAI S.W.O.R.D
  • A small bottle of dry lubricant to carry and lubricate the transmission during the race. SQUIRT
  • Supacaz cuffs of silicone foam with memory, which always recovers its initial shape by increasing its absorption capacity decreasing the fatigue of hands and the entire upper body. They also ensure a good grip in all kinds of conditions. SUPACAZ SILICONEZ
  • Fenders for both the front and rear of the bike. It would be placed in case of rain forecast. MARSHGUARD


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