Pack 2 Survival

Pack 2 Survival


Pack we offer to repair those most common breakdowns that allow us to finish the stage. Basic material of tools and replacement that we advise to always carry over.

  • Spare camera to place in case it did not cover the puncture or tubeless liquid or wicks.
  • CO2 cylinder + adapter to inflate the wheel quickly in case of air loss or to heel the tire instantaneously if we have been completely airless and the tire to undercut.
  • Removable to work on the tire, either to place a spare camera or repair the punctured tire.
  • Multitool to adjust any part of our bicycle and in case of chain break to repair it.
  • Quick link chain, necessary when the chain breaks to be able to repair it quickly and safely.
  • Wicks that allow us to repair the holes that the sealing liquid can not cover.
  • A small bottle of dry lubricant to carry on and to lubricate the transmission during the race.
  • Specific change pin for the exact model of the bicycle. Important to always carry a spare part. (Not included in the pack).


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