Andalucía Bike Race 2021

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Andalucía Bike Race is the most important and highest level race by stages of the entire national scene, where the best Spanish and foreign riders meet. Córdoba and Jaén are the hosts of the more than 700 bikers who will be able to discover some riders and an impressive and spectacular environment for practicing MTB at its best. 6 stages over 500 kms and 6000 meters that will take you through the most impressive tracks, through spectacular landscapes, and mythical areas within the national MTB such as “El Reventón”, “Cerro Muriano” in Córdoba or the magical stage of Andújar , to the mining areas of Linares and its fast and fun tracks. The Andalucía Bike Race is one of the most fun and spectacular events on the international scene and where in addition to enjoying MTB you can enjoy two World Heritage cities such as Córdoba and Jaén.

Score from 420 points in this race

6 Stages

The climbing is 8400 meters in this race

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